Skin imperfections leading to positivity

Beauty is known to be associated with intense ideals that undermine the normal imperfections most skin goes through. Being the discriminator of what’s acceptable, from what’s not. Driving people crazy. With people still experiencing these natural imperfections there is less obsession about doing away with them. More people are approaching them with more openness and an attitude of covering up less.

There are greater levels of acceptance than before. Resulting in more positive feelings. This loss of fear is partly due to social media activists that have tried to counteract the ‘bad guys’. Beauty brands are no doubt seen as bad guys (often using the ‘struggle for perfection’ to get people to use their products). Being a key contributing factor to the emotional-scars young people have particularly when they face skin difficulties. They have experienced a lack of self-worth and are quite frankly fed up with allowing themselves to be insecure in their own skin.

They are showing greater appreciation towards brands that promote natural qualities as well as promote confidence over hiding ‘imperfections’. Diesel for example has gone with the “flaw” in a recent campaign. Further emphasising people’s intrinsic desire to stop concealing their flaws. To face the world no matter what they look like, with confidence. The value placed on self-acceptance is the degree to which people will have acceptance of others. The result – a more kind, humane society. In some way, advanced by the acceptance of skin imperfections.

I read a very vulnerably written Facebook post by a brave woman about the negative emotions and thoughts held towards personal skin imperfections. As much as the post is relatable I noted the flood of warm and kind wishes sent her way after expressing the insecurity she felt. While her skin may leave her feeling insecure, within herself she is secure and brave to share her thoughts so openly. This kind of vulnerability is important in today’s society. The people that used their voice to encourage and lighten her mood are important too.

People coming together, being kind towards one another. Discussing the same or similar challenges and difficulties they face. Using discussion and acceptance is a positive approach to beauty and changing society for the better.


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