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Human beings are known to be extremely judgmental. Men and women spend hours thinking about the image they have about themselves or others.

Constructing their own realities and fantasies, hundreds of random people are attacked and disrespected every day. Having no real concerns about how you may feel afterwards. As long as they were being “honest” commentators feel better when they dismiss their uncalled behavior.

Online, social media talks of being better for yourself are encouraged and liked. However majority still fail to fully understand the conversations about genuinely caring for others and yourself. Proving how people aren’t as confident as there profiles appear. It’s just easier to point out someone else’s faults instead of confronting your own. Being over or under weight doesn’t make you ugly. It’s the perception people have of you that’s uncomfortable and labels you to be something you aren’t.




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Social networks play a major role to the “beauty standards” people inflict.  People want to be happy and many believe looking like these celebrities or influencers is the way to instantly feel good from the admiration others give. Thus spending thousands of money and time perfecting their looks. With endless amounts of make-up, clothes, shoes and hair.

People live their own lives and within that mindless decisions are made. Even the most well known organizations ignore the power they inflict onto people’s behavior. Older generations accepted these messages because they weren’t aware, as the younger generations evolve it’s crucial to make these planned or unplanned messages authentic. Promoting the current and upcoming generations to see themselves and others in positive true ways.


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