2018 looks like the 90s but better

When you think of the 90s you think of arcade games. Arcade games that were fun, bold, colourful and bright. Making audacious sounds and glowing with lights. The 90s were undeniably a fun time. The closing of a century and the celebration of the beginning of a new one. It was a time of alternative media. Ideas spreading and being shared quicker than ever before.

Today, there are ever-evolving social media platforms that help spread ideas and provide entertainment more readily. One result of the access to so much information is an increasing scepticism towards government. Another is the rise of multi-culturism. People showing support towards cultures beyond their own, even going as far as to immerse themselves in these cultures because they have access to them more readily.




In terms of music people are nostalgic towards old school 90s hip hop. The time when the genre boomed. There is an ever-increasing love for sport and in terms of appearance, well, music and sport are meeting. People want to be able to move and feel free in the clothes they wear yet still look music video ready.

People are sporting leggings and tights with combat boots. Tinted, geometrically-shaped sunglasses and more people are experimenting with blonde hair. Remember Justin Timberlake’s golden curls way back then?

Right now, it’s as colourful as the 90s. The entertainment industry is booming and the spirit of the times is definitely more bold and edgy. While the times we are living in is reminiscent of the 90s, it has variation. Everything that was happening back then is happening now but times 100.

People aren’t just experimenting with blonde hair, they are experimenting with all colours. People aren’t dressing up within the boundaries of their own cultures, they are diversifying their looks greatly. They aren’t just listening to hip hop, but hip hop infused with other sounds. Now looks like the 90s but so much better.

In brand communication then, it is a motivating factor to show the great improvement made since the 90s. Reflecting to consumers the way in which they have grown and are in essence in a way better position than they were in the 90s. It is something to celebrate. Not because of nostalgia for the past. What’s happening now can be for the benefit of a more inclusive, smarter and fun world.

About the author

Content Creator & Trend Analyst. Gabrielle cares about people, making her passionate about learning about and from them which in turn helps her identify trends and insights that help brands grow. Email: gabrielle@trender.co.za