Quantity vs status – the new 1 litre beer bottle

The new one liter bottle is proving to be both a value offer as well as a symbol of coolness. This is apparent in the younger beer drinkers showing off the sense of rebelliousness for everything different and new in society.

Given nicknames like ”Quantum” (The Public transportation minibus taxis with enough space for more than usual passengers, from smaller mini busses) The size of the 1 liter beer bottle represents a larger than life perspective of the world.

The world of status especially  in the alcohol category is one of the most competitive on all category forms – Beer, Whiskey, Vodka, Champagne. However the beer category has managed to balance value and status through street creds of being different not by band, but by volume.

There are other beer brands such as Corona which will maintain a high end status sorely through their upmarket price and stay a status symbol for some,  but the beer brand market in general has found status from many other element whereas before others would not consider such.

Taken from the 2018 March/April trend report


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