Promotional clothes

Promotional clothes and accessories have been seen as uncool but it’s made it’s way into the consumer’s fashion choices. The way in which it has done this has been through creative twists by big fashion retailers and fashion entrepreneurs alike.

Coca Cola Promo
African Streetwear Label: Popcaven

Brands like Castle, Coca Cola and Red Bull have made wearable products that bear their brand name. Clothing is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries today especially because of globalisation and pop-culture. For brands like the above mentioned it is worth considering creating clothes and accessories that consumers will wear through a joint venture with retailers or fashion entrepreneurs.

The quality of promotional gear can be seen as inferior so it is advisable for these brands to actually put more effort into their gear as it could potentially be popular with consumers. The consumer who buys these brands connects with the brands personality or just feels cool when they have the brand near them. We have seen brands delve into unrelated industries to further connect with their consumer on a lifestyle and interest level. An example of this is a jewellery company tapping into the flower market and cross-selling between the two seemingly unrelated industries.

Promotional Clothing

The youth spend a fair amount of money on brands like Castle, Coca-Cola and Red Bull. Some may even like the personality of the brand but don’t consume it. Creating clothes is a potential diversification strategy that connects with the lifestyle and interests of young people. This also allows the brands to be expressed more creatively and in such a way that makes them more cool and more apart of the consumers life.

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