Unapologetically true

The South African youth are on a journey of defining themselves and being unapologetically true in how they express themselves. This is true when it comes to their belief systems, their bodies, their hair and pursuing their interests. Everything is becoming about expressing who they are more truthfully.

While stretch marks for example bring embarrassment the perception is changing. Stretch marks are a real part of life that many women are becoming less afraid of showing. Being unapologetically you is about being real and open with who you are.

“Show me something real like ass with some stretch marks” – Kendrick Lamar (Humble)

The arts and music are expressive forms the youth connect with and are finding further encouragement to be unapologetically true. In the age of social media where filters and curation of life reign there is a greater liberation being shared in the same regard that involves consumers revealing the ‘real’, ‘unexpected’ and ‘undesirable’ parts of themselves that often liberate themselves while simultaneously liberating and inspiring those they are connected to on social media.

About the author

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