Fidget spinners: Playfulness meets purposefulness

A technological antidote or just another common gadget leading the playfulness trend in our kids society today. Fidget spinners really have received a lot of attention from the classroom to the playground, with a massive collectible appeal of the many different gadgets one can own.


The gadget has been marketed and described as an antidote for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and autism. However this has seen a major ban in classrooms across the globe and seen rather as a disruption for teachers than anything else.

One has to admit that to whatever extent the health benefits of Fidgeter might bring to the user. The fidgeter has blown to a big trending sensation within the young consumer space and a key source of kids entertainment in our current day and age.

Collectables as well as an increased social interaction of sharing and playing has definitely been a positive outcome of these small sensations. For brands and marketers these fidget spinners are providing the next best value as a toy. Using promotional campaigns because of its wide range of options and popularity of these products.

The world and consumers will continue to find new and interesting ways to keep themselves and young ones’ occupied. Whether through playful or healthy activities, having gadgets that serve the best of both for your campaign as a value add, can be something worth looking into. Especially with such a big hype around these at this moment in our lives.

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