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It is summer in the Northern hemisphere. An attractive time for South African’s to go out and tour much warmer parts of the world especially Europe.

Travel is the opportunity to change perceptions of what South Africa is like. From a South African consumers perspective, it provides the opportunity for people to compare their quality of lifestyle to that of the world. Especially from a products and services point of view. Whether the products and services they are accustomed to locally, is of a better or poor quality compared to the rest of the world.

South African’s also have the opportunity to share their perceptions of South Africa and lifestyle to the rest of the world. Painting a picture of how these international dwellers will perceive the country.

As a result we need to be aware that when our travellers return. They will have international references to what service and quality products should be. Thus not only looking for what is best in South Africa but what is best in the world.

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