Fashion: Why consumers want outerwear that’s bold?

Everywhere we are seeing bolder fashion choices. People are going out more, seeing more, screenshotting more and so their taste in fashion is evolving. This is resulting in putting looks together that stand out in a sea of fashion-forward individuals.

consumers want outerwear that's bold
Photo by Annie Gray

If we look at this more closely we will understand that the above-mentioned influences are either a reflection of society or culture.

In society people are big on screenshotting content. In one instance, someone has molded a photographic passion, using screenshotting as a tool, sharing beautiful imagery from existing content. Some do it for evidence in messaging and others screenshot inspiring images that are related to lifestyle industries. One such industry being the fashion one. People are big on statements and standing for something. Our society is driven by looking good but even more than this, looking like an individual. While fashion can identify a group of people because of a collective look, people are widely being noticed for fashion-forward individualism. When it comes to culture, people are taking more risks (being bolder) in what they do with their lives and how they spend their time. People are taking a braver approach to life. In essence, culture right now favours the brave. Collectively, what’s happening in society and in culture is encouraging people to make bolder fashion choices.

consumers want outerwear that's bold
Photo by Eva Balogh

Outerwear, more specifically, jackets are taking on a bolder appearance. Colours, patterns and details are making a statement. Just as a bright red lip, big dangly earrings or a jeweled necklace would. The statement these would make is the same purpose of a jacket right now. Call it a ‘statement jacket’. Being a jacket with a bold appearance that can add a statement to any look.

People are finding increasing comfort in standing out. So, with Autumn approaching, as fashion brands it’s important to look into creating outerwear that is expressive and bold. Using colours, words and details on the canvas of a jacket to make a statement.

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