Passion vs Profession: The age of creativity

The disappointment of qualified mass black youth without jobs in South Africa has shifted the needle of success from profession to passion. The black mass market’s measure of success is not longer about getting a degree and following traditional professions, but more about what one can do for themselves in a creative way through their on talents.

The black youth are making more money at a younger stage because no longer does one have to go to 3 years of degree to make try and apply for a job, however one can start a blog, a youtube channel to talk and share about any passion point they are driven by. Whether it is starting a beauty make up tips, becoming a brand influencer by sharing one’s lifestyle, the options are limitless and now at their disposal. The help of social media and technology, makes it even easier for one to pursue their creative passion

Even though professions are still an economic driver and have more stability and relevance, the nowadays black market can trade between the two and do not feel the pressure to just become one dimensional. Even existing young black qualified professionals are releasing music videos and have youtube channels and pursuing their creativity.

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