The next generation of the digital workforce

Youthphoria: Today’s youth do not look at the workspace the same way it was viewed a decade ago. No longer is work about gaining experience as way to further ones career where it was about the more experience one had, the better positions one acquires in the company. The new digital age has changed all of that, as it has allowed the younger generation to become really successful at much younger ages than before.

It is now about sharing one’s talents, passion and creativity with the world, and digital space has given the young generation a platform to share all of that, and even better get paid lots of money for it.

Platforms such as YouTube has enabled people to create their own videos at minimal budgets and become celebrities in their own right without depending on major production houses. In fact YouTube has gone so far as granting free special access to YouTube Spaces, YouTube’s global network of production studios, for eligible nonprofits to learn, connect, and create great content for YouTube.

Blogging has become a huge phenomenon than ever before and brands are putting budgets to get bloggers featuring their products as the power of influencers increases within the digital space.

Instagram has also shown how by simply sharing your passions and pictures of your interests can gain you many followers and through this, brands are willing to sponsor these individuals in order for their brands to gain awareness and sense of authenticity through this.

The new age of digital workforce means that work as we know has drastically transformed and is no longer just about the traditional career path. It has become more about one’s talent passions and interests and ability to share that in the digital space where one can become even more successful at a younger age than ever before.

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