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This season, the trend for winter bags, in terms of size, can be wrapped up in the phrase ‘go big or go home’. And I know that if you consider yourself a practical lady, you’ll appreciate this because a bag that’s able to keep all your essentials and then some, is worth holding on to (excuse the pun!).

Small and medium size bags however, are somewhat gaining momentum although for me personally a ‘carry all’ always wins hands down for day to day activities.

Let’s run down a list of some of these arm ‘candies’: the first two, termed the ‘Messenger’ bag and the ‘Shoulder’ bag are ones to go for if you are looking for comfort and spacious design. The first is a bag that looks like more of a satchel, ensuring comfort to people carrying heavy items while allowing easy access to the contents. On the other hand, the Shoulder bag, also typically referred to as a handbag, has limited space.

Sac Voyages and Briefcases instead, are for the lady who means business as well as your Folded and Envelope bag which is, according to the handbag glossary, so called because it is a, ‘A flat bag with a square or rectangle shape and a triangle shaped top flap that fold over to close the bag, thus resembling an envelope’.

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Image: ER Collection

Classic clutches, which are often used as an evening bag, can also be used during the day as they have gotten bigger in design making them more versatile. A clutch is defined by the Handbag Glossary as, ‘a small and thin hand-held bag, usually lacking a shoulder strap; meant to be held in the hand or tucked under the arm’.
If however you’re looking to go the extra mile, buy yourself an ER Collection Clutch Bag with A Difference as it is practical too, worn on the wrist so your hands are free on those fun nights out. They come in a variety of colours and textures, namely: Black Suede, Red Suede, Light Pink Suede, Black Shiny Leather, Light and Dark Grey Leather and lastly Grey Suede.

Last but not least, the two bags that were featured in Grazia magazine recently are the Shopper bag (week ending June 18) featured under the magazine’s 10 hot stories was described as, ‘the bag having its moment this season and an essential item that goes with any outfit and suits any time of day’. While the Backpack featured (week ending June 11) was said to be, ‘the return of every 90s girl’s favourite accessory, a bag seen in the streets and on the hippest celebrities like Rihanna and Rita Ora’.

So ladies that’s the run down on the season’s what I like to call ‘arm candies’ aka handbags. Now whether you’re a Clutch, Shopper or Briefcase girl, at least you’re well versed in what you’re wearing on your arms.

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