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Ordinary activities have to have a twist

The most important thing to people now is enhancing their lifestyle and finding new perspectives from which to do the same old things. People for the most part have a very organized way of living. Compartmentalizing the events and people in their lives. There has been a culture of doing things singularly. What I mean by this is, buying groceries at a grocery store, viewing art at an art gallery. It all becomes very monotonous and predictable.

As we have seen in SnapChat culture people have taken nicely to doing something unexpected and fun through activities they are so used to. Picture-taking as an example. SnapChat puts a fun and unexpected twist on taking pictures. People want fun in ordinary activities.

Viewing art too is no longer an explicit activity but enjoyed more thoroughly around a wine/ coffee/ market / festival culture. Making the experience more colourful, more fun. Different to what people have been used to.

I went to a place called Alice Art on the West rand. I can’t tell you if it’s a restaurant in an art gallery or an art gallery in a restaurant. That’s what exciting about it. Putting a fresh and fun take on eating and viewing art. All while people surrounding you are painting on canvases as you eat your meal.

There is no fun in doing the same expected thing over and over. Through social media people are constantly sharing their enhanced lifestyle moments, whether it’s coffee out of home surrounded by nature or having a swim on a mountain hike. Having coffee or taking a swim is experienced in an unexpected, yet delightful environment. One worth documenting.

This means that for businesses it is vital to tap into other fun and complimentary offerings so that your primary offering can become more appealing for your consumers.

Pick ‘n Pay has now opened a café in their East Gate branch. Going to buy groceries can now also mean having dessert with your children before or after filling the trolley. Bringing enjoyment to the mundane grocery shopping.

Companies need to stop compartmentalizing their offerings and create opportunities for their consumer’s lifestyle to be enhanced through them.

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