Fashion: Wear whatever you want

The fashion when it comes to clothing right now is: wear whatever you want. People are feeling the freedom to mix pieces inspired from different decades into one stylish look. People are creating their own voice in fashion. The 90’s and the 70’s for example, can exist in one look.

fashion wear whatever you wantPeople’s taste when it comes to fashion right now not only amalgamates different decades but they are also leaning towards futuristic and personalized style. As a result, there is an unlikely mixing of colours and fabrics. What people wear has more character and a level of shock. People would be very conscious of mixing colours that ‘don’t go together’. Now they’re less conscious and more interested in not looking like everyone else. They are experimenting with new silhouettes, brands with fresh and unique spirits as well as items that have their names or unique phrases on it.

Another aspect that is making people more adventurous in what they wear is trying different cultural pieces of clothing and accessories. The beret is becoming more popular in pop culture. Associated with French and Spanish culture, it for example, is finding a stronger appeal amongst other nationalities. Especially here in SA. As people are influenced by what they see when they go out, on social media and in entertainment they are defining their own style. Using their entire world as their inspiration.

These people are finding it better to use this global inspiration and dress based on their personal instincts and likings as opposed to being overly planned and trend-focussed. With this attitude strengthening in people we can expect that our local urban cities will become regions respected and valued for their fashionable style.

fashion wear whatever you want

The freedom people experience in what they choose to wear is the result of different factors. Our planet is filled with more people than ever, people want their voice to be heard. There is a constant inner struggle that longs for the past (invoking nostalgia) but wishes to be optimistic and forward-thinking. Influencing people’s various choices in what they wear. Making the nature of dressing up unpredictable and promoting the attitude of wearing whatever you want.

This means that it becomes difficult for a brand to sell trends to people who have unpredictable style. The best way to connect with these people wouldn’t be to sell to them what you think they want but rather through empowering them to wear whatever they want.

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