Unwrapping new beauty ideals

While old beauty standards have been quite destructive, for the most part, the emerging beauty ideals are empowering. It’s a gift truly, we are living in a very empowering and connected time. People are feeding off each other more than ever before.



Who and what do we have to thank for that? I would say artists who have carefully curated platforms or exhibitions that shine light on the humanness of people just like us. Showcasing features and skin colours that would be shunned as unattractive. The entire beauty industry is being turned on its head. We are seeing beauty in everything, even in skin conditions. People are still beautiful in spite of what would be deemed as not beautiful about them. Winnie Harlow is a very current public figure who has vitiligo. Empowering people that may or may not face the same situation.


Beauty Standards


Social media being the platform that connects people to these stories and allows people to see themselves in others. It’s a constant unravelling as people perceive and make judgements based on what their eyes see. Something Winnie was troubled with as a young girl and made her want to commit suicide is now what makes her stand out as a model and she’s not just making money with it but a role model because of it.

Noa Vee is a social platform to speak out on various topics, including beauty. On this platform, real women share their real opinions. It’s raw, relatable and oh so beautiful. Seeing the beauty in women across the world even if they look completely different to you. It’s a matter of acceptance.

Beauty, now and in the time to come is about showing your uniqueness unashamedly. It’s rooted in acceptance and challenging the status quo on what is deemed as beautiful. There is also something very intangible to it.

As beauty brands, you shouldn’t be setting ideals but rather creating platforms for open discussions and giving people the freedom to discover their own unique beauty through your brand.

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