Let’s Go Market

Where do you hang out on a weekend?

People are getting more and more accustomed to the habit of the market trade. It is more unconventional than the usualĀ mall visit. The trade is showing signs of booming, this is to show as more and more markets are opening up. The markets are fast becoming a community as people prefer to support the single or two man establishments that trade there on a weekly basis. It is also a relaxed environment where you can socialize and feel free.

With the number of markets that are available to people these have not only just been in the key districts. There is also a move into reaching people in the locations Ekasi for them to also experience their own authentic food and culture. Bi-weekly markets are opening up in various settlements such as Soweto, Tembisa and more where there is entertainment, local food and drinks.

The consumer is now enjoying their own way of cuisine and culture through this trade industry. As there is a sense of authenticity and cultural vibe that goes with being at these markets. People feel more cultured South Africanly through eating that gourmet styled beef burger, fresh vegetables or their local quarter (Sphatlho). While taking a sip on that craft cider or beer.
Neigbourgood Market Trender Insights

Social media is a big driver in this trade as people post and entice their experience. This way of trade is a relaxed casual environment to have good food and enjoy some live music with company. This is also a opportunity to communicate with the consumer in a promising environment.

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