One for the road

Having eaten at Burger King recently I noticed how consumers take full advantage of the bottomless soft drinks offering. I mean how nice! I myself had a “feel good” perception towards the generosity in their offering and eagerly filled up just one more time before leaving the fast food restaurant. I walked out feeling really good about the money I spent there especially because I could fill up and have “one for the road”.

You will probably have a fair number of refills while you are there, yet you feel like you are getting so much more for your money. It will most definitely become the preferred fast food choice even for as small a gesture as a bottomless drink. If not the preferred choice it definitely leaves an extremely positive memory in the consumer’s mind.

one for the road

Everyone needs one for the road. It’s this perception that you are getting more and receiving something that feels “free” or “extra”. It cost so little that you feel you made the best choice. It’s a simple tactic that really impacts the consumer in a positive way. Also young consumer’s especially want to receive “freebies” from brands. This actually does speak to the young consumer’s desire to have something free.

From the brands view-point it’s not necessarily about getting nothing in return. It is about packaging offerings in such a way that the consumer has a feeling of receiving something “extra” or “so much more than what I paid” that will give a positive feeling towards your brand.

In 2017 brands should be looking ever-closely at how to package their offerings, in such a way that the consumer perceives that they are getting something “extra” out of the purchase even if it isn’t free. This is necessary because it’s little gestures that will make the consumer feel good in a current climate that is full of toil, bad service and not enough money. Making their purchase occasions more special in this way will leave increasing good impressions in their mind.

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