Rough around the edges

Yeezy’s season 3 (Kanye West’s clothing collection) isn’t his most recent collection, however the finishes that were seen in it are very current. These finishes were rough around the edges but they work, especially amongst young people. Often people give away items with holes in it but the youth are increasingly wearing clothes that would traditionally need to be thrown away.

These stylish items are rough around the edges but usable and not just usable but widely fashionable. Levi’s has offered the service of patching up old Levi’s denims while Zara currently sells a range of t-shirts, jeans and sweaters that are tattered with holes.

Rough Around The Edges

There is a rawness and roughness about the youth. The rawness and roughness in certain finishes are brought to life with ingenuity that connects with the youth. Clothes can be transformed into materials that are not perfect but rather rough around the edges which is becoming even more desirable than perfect tailoring and finishes.

Rough Around The Edges

The truth is our young people are trying less to fit perfect ideals held by society but rather embrace the authenticity of who they are, where they have been and where they are going – as imperfect as it may seem. They find happiness in their imperfections.

When it comes to clothes, they must be well-made but consider styling that is less focussed on perfect finishes but rather rough around the edges which shows more character and relates better to many young people.

It is more appealing to wear something that personifies their story as more and more people dress in accordance with their beliefs.

Considering the youth’s imperfections and how they are embracing it then clothing that brings attention imperfection in a way that doesn’t neglect quality and workmanship is what is appealing to young people currently.


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