Music and lyrics

The lyrics of songs are speaking to the hearts of young people right now. Mostly because the music young people are listening to is performed and written by other young people. Lyrics have become much more relatable. A song might be perfect in bringing people together at a party or festival because of the way it sounds. However, because of the lyrics young people find comfort in the same song when they are alone. That is why many young people zone out into their music, blocking the world out through their ear phones. The song on the other end makes them feel more connected to how they feel about the people around them. They can’t easily share how they really feel to other people.

music and lyrics

The youth love music. Not only is it an escape but it’s easy to access. Music for the most part brings enjoyment. On the other hand, it is therapy for the young.

music and lyrics

You will see it in how they express themselves through song lyrics when they caption pictures. The music young people are listening to says something about what they are feeling or what they want to feel.

Many songs have lyric videos on YouTube for this very reason. Music channels such as Trace have dedicated music shows that include lyrics in music videos. Coca-Cola abroad dedicated their cans to displaying lyrics.

As brands that want to connect with the youth it is important to keep music central to what you do. Look into other creative ways of bringing music into your brand space beyond playing it audibly to further connect with your young consumer.

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