Home sweet home

People are trying to be more savvy with their money, using it in ways that benefit both their responsibilities and personal desires more. They like going out and socializing with friends and family but this is very costly. As a result of financial constraints their homes are becoming the ideal place to make memories and have a good time.

home sweet home

People’s homes are becoming places of greater significance for social gatherings. Not only because it is a cheaper venue, it’s more personal and allows for intimate groups and conversations. People can be more liberal and do as they please.

Women in general place greater importance on beautifying their homes and making it welcoming for guests. There is a rise in renovating and decorating one’s home in more thoughtful ways. On a more youthful note, house parties are on the rise again.

home sweet home

People’s homes are an important place that can be transformed not just for personal living but for social gatherings with friends. A place where relationship building is valued and time together is treasured as opposed to going out to see and be seen.

Brands can use this insight as an opportunity to create experiences that are made in their consumer’s homes. As well as sell products that turn their consumer’s homes into experiential havens.


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