Nutshell entertainment

Memes, gifs, short films and videos used for entertainment have found greater relevance in people’s daily digital engagement. Most people are time-crunched, fitting in social media browsing and chats with friends whilst being preoccupied with other activities. Social media browsing and chats are where their entertainment comes in and this kind of ‘nutshell’ entertainment is important to keeping their busy lives balanced.

In music and in fashion especially, directors are looking to the film industry for inspiration. When you think of a film you think of 90 minutes no less but consumers are indeed watching less movies and opting for shorter doses of entertainment. Powerful narratives can be captured and communicated with the younger audience through shorter forms of entertainment. The younger audience has less time for traditional forms of media and entertainment.

nutshell entertainment

People ignore a lot of brand messaging mostly because they don’t have the time or attention to notice it. Using entertainment and looking to the film industry especially, helps in this regard.

Brands need to break through the time barrier and communicate with their consumers more effectively. By packaging messages in ‘nutshell’ forms of entertainment brands not only do well in entertaining their time-crunched consumer but also get their brand message across in a way that is relevant. It fits in perfectly with their digitally-centered lives that needs an entertaining balance to it.

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