Mass Market Stokvel Season is here

Stokvel as we define it is a the effort by a group of people who collectively save money, in a form of monthly contributions. This is mainly for various reasons and goals. However the one prominent stokvel effort at this time of the year is the bulk buying of groceries where members buy groceries in bulk and thereafter the products are shared, in order to accumulate the festive season festivities and meal celebrations as well as the dry January season.

This is the perfect opportunity for brands mainly FMCG to develop strategies around packaging thier product offerinds to accomodate this massive bulk of good that will be bought in the coming month.

The lower and middle mass market at this time of the year is the key market into the increase of buying goods through these stokvels.

Opportunity lies in brands and products creating campaigns and even product packaging and offerings specifically aimed at the stokvel.
Stokvel 2

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