The art of consumer premiumness

High value product consumers do not necessarily mean that they can afford the products or services, but rather this is a symbol of regocnition and respect from one’s peers. People will often go out of thier way no matter how little they have to be able to show that they are doing well in life – No one wants to be seen as poor!
It is this very insight that we need to understand into how people not only have aspirations but also want to fit in society. The pressure of a neibours new wall in the township, the pressure of a collegues new car at the office is some of the pressures consumers face.

People want to better thier lives, and people want to be seen to have better lives and the closest thing to that is through materialism and consumerism. You may find that one person cannot affort a certain item or product but will sacrifice thier other essential needs just to be seen to be doing well.

What drives this sacrifice? how do we tap into this sacrifice need for regognition from particular products and services. We need to understand that their are certain products and services that consumers are willing to let go of in order to gain others so that they can stand out to thier peers.

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