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A consumer wants to leave a piece of themselves in a place, especially if it’s a unique place, often somewhere they don’t see everyday.

You still find that young people like writing all sorts of things behind bathroom doors while some prefer to engrave their names on rocks, trees or write on desks. These things are in some cases frowned upon.

Instead of frowning upon it why not give a consumer a medium to leave their mark?

At the Design Indaba this year the Freedom of Speech wall gave consumers a chance to write whatever they desired, be it a message or their name. I mean they could write anything, after all it was the Freedom of Speech wall.




You find freedom of speech best expressed on social media which is a great place to listen in on what the consumer feels, wishes and aspires to.

Why not bring this South African human right to life through your brand?

People either want to be seen or heard but empower consumers to leave their mark through your brand. You may get a whole lot of names and signatures but you may also learn about the consumer if they feel comfortable to share real feelings or thoughts on a matter that may influence your brand.

A consumer wants to leave a mark to know that who they are and what they have to say matters. What better way to reconnect with the consumer than knowing them better and making it ok to share something about themselves in a creative way that will be immortalised through your brand.

Get the consumer to write something they feel in your brand environment is also a great way to stay in their memory as they won’t forget it and it will leave a positive impression on them.


Article by Gabrielle Mixon
TrendER Insights’ Fashion Researcher, Communicator & Trend Analyst

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Content Creator & Trend Analyst. Gabrielle cares about people, making her passionate about learning about and from them which in turn helps her identify trends and insights that help brands grow. Email: gabrielle@trender.co.za

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