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Africa is a creative continent. It is a quality we can own through fashion, art and music to take our local designs, creations and sounds to the world.

Glocal. The mix between global and local. While many people are comfortable and supportive in going 100% local. While trusting brands within our country to supply them with really good products, there are still consumers who look to global solutions. Basically because of the superior appeal and perception of global being better.

There are very smart brands and people that have tapped into our local talents to create an even more appealing product for our market.

Firstly Asanda Sizani, a fashion editor for Destiny magazine and fashion curator recently collaborated with Top Shop with a line that merges their names.

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Drake’s recently released mixtape has a remixed version of Black Coffee’s 2011 song Superman. The song is called Get it Together and South African’s who love Drake love him even more now for using a Black Coffee song.

If you are a global brand with offerings stretched into South Africa it is a must to collaborate with local talents to win the hearts of South African’s. As well as to adapt to trends like Buy Local. You may not be offering a local product but if you work with local influencers and communicate that it is definitely a monetary plus for your brand.


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