Castle Lite introduces a new member to the Extra Cold family  – Castle Lite Lime.

It still tastes like Castle Lite beer – smooth, crisp and extra cold, just unlocked with a dash of lime. It’s an all-new icy-fresh extra cold refreshment experience.

castle lite lime
Image: Castle Lite

To introduce the new innovation, they have added a dash of ‘flava’ to the original Castle Lite Vanilla Ice TV ad, which is “videobombed” by Hip Hop Star Flavor Flav, along with his signature clock neck piece to deliver the message – It’s the original Castle Lite, with a dash of lime.

Castle Lite Lime is packaged in the same green bottle, complete with the signature 2-stage cold indicator, grip and ice-proof label. The only difference is that zesty lime “flava” and the slick label design. It is available in 660ml returnable bottles, the classic 340ml bottle, 340ml can and our one-of-a-kind 440ml can.

Source: Castle Lite


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