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Fitness activities have been something that people used to do in isolation. However that has all changed as fitness is becoming more and more of a social activity more than ever before. Wearable technology that tracks activity such as as Fitbit and applications such as the Nike + app have allowed for fitness to be more of a social and community based activity than it was before. Now you can share your run on social media, challenge your friends, as well as connect and communicate on the best run sites and activities. Fitness has indeed become a social activity regardless where one is in the world, they can connect and share their activities with their friends. Not only does this create a culture of social integration between people, but people are also more motivated to push further and harder in their quest to becoming fit. As they now have their friends support instantly. They no longer feel alone or isolated in their activities.
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The rise of action indoor sports especially in the Johannesburg and Cape Town metropolitan areas has been on the increase. Indoor arenas have not only promoted sports but they have brought out a new culture of social activity during weekday evenings. Action 5 aside football as well as action netball are high on the rise. Colleagues and friends now have a platform where they can now not only do fitness activities but actually build on this social lifestyles as well, through these action sports games. Action sports has grown to an extent that even those that do not play themselves, come to enjoy the social atmosphere as well as supporting their friends. This another area where brands can leverage on sponsorships and activations around these action sports events.
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Fitness has become more social than ever before and it is up to brands to make fitness and wellness fun for the consumer. Bringing together the social aspect that is the driver behind making fitness an activity anyone can enjoy.

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