Mother’s Day

It’s natural that people are greatly connected to their mothers, since without them they wouldn’t be in this world. Rejoicing in celebrating them especially on Mother’s Day. Part of the role of mothers is to provide emotional support, growth, strength, empowerment and unconditional love. They teach you what no one else can. Their lessons stay with you long after they are gone. Whether they gave birth to you or not.


mother\'s day


Mother’s Day is becoming not just a day of celebration but a day of remembrance.


Many people have lost their mothers, never met their birth mothers or live far from their mothers. In some instances, they have found emotional support, growth, strength, empowerment and unconditional love from someone who didn’t give birth to them.
While it’s become a norm to share pictures of one’s mother it’s not stopping there. Showing appreciation to other mothers they know and respect and have learned from plays an important part of Mother’s Day. #mothersday has gotten people showing appreciation to all their motherly figures. Motherhood is broad to the consumer.

There is also a remembrance for those who strongly want to be mothers.

Understanding what Mother’s Day means to different people is important. As people remember all their motherly figures as well as remember those who are not here anymore but who live on in their hearts.

As a brand, there is an opportunity to reach out more on Mother’s Day. To go beyond tradition. Meaning that honouring a mother goes beyond a woman who has given birth to a child. The dialogue becomes more interesting, impactful and important. As people express their appreciation and respect for different women they know who have impacted their lives. Expressing what Mother’s Day means to them and what different women mean to them on this day.

Increase reach on Mother’s Day by speaking and showing appreciation to other ‘mother figures’ who have played an important role in the lives of your consumers. It’s a day of respect and love. Make it so for people who may not relate in the traditional way. Finding ways to do this without making it sad.

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