Fashion statement: Get your face painted

The fashion industry is often influenced by films and sometimes the other way around. Blockbuster films with cult followings tend to make the biggest impact on fashion. Leaving people inspired to translate the style they saw in a film onto their own bodies.

The festival season is synonymous with edgy fashion and new styles. From a pop culture perspective, the latest blockbuster film, ‘Black Panther’ will be influencing how people look. People will have taken much inspiration from the highly buzzed about film. Not only from a clothing point of view but beauty too. African inspired face paint and unique designs on faces will become a part of a person’s look when they go to highly anticipated events.

That said, it goes to show that elements of history can be less valued for their cultural meaning held from the past. What matters today is, does it make a fashion statement?

Some people hold strong judgements towards cultural appropriation. However, in the same breath we are living in a time where anything goes and creative expression is valued way more than what is deemed fitting or unfitting.

Fashion is about pushing the boundaries and playfulness as well as risk-taking. One would think that a painted face is for children’s parties. Not today.

It’s about exploring something new, making a statement over denoting meaning. Most often it’s just about boldness and fun. Face painting isn’t just for children. Brands should be making pre-made designs and popping up at Festivals and events to complete the look of people who are attending.

Digital platforms like Facebook and Snapchat can also take note. They transform people’s faces with their filters. Perfect for those that want to make the statement without the effort. Looking to Black Panther as well as African history to offer designs that people will find appealing.

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