Fashion is confidence

To the consumer it’s becoming less about wearing what’s trendy but rather wearing whatever they want and feeling confident in that.

You can be a nerd, a rocker, a hippie, sports girl or guy. You can even be a mix of them all if you want.


Looking fashionable is going beyond conforming to an in-style look but rather choosing whatever you would like to wear and feeling confident in that.

As brands that sell fashion, moving forward, it’s going to be more important to speak to this insight in selling clothes.

Communicating to consumers that they should choose what they wear and be confident in it rather than selling an item because it’s trendy. With so many sources of inspiration at the consumers disposal they are less influenced by isolated trends but rather are combining different styles and looks. The inspiration changes from day to day and could be retro one moment or fashion-forward the next. Regardless they wear what they want and it’s because they feel confident enough to wear it.


Brands need to be optimizing on confidence.

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