An unexpected thrill

From watching films with the same old story lines, music videos that look similar or going to restaurants that don’t offer anything radically different, consumers are awaiting the unexpected.

You will see it in the posts they share on Facebook – which are radically amazing, funny, benevolent or romantic. Content that they are sharing is often unexpected and thrilling.

SnapChat filters cater to this insight – offering them an unexpected thrill in their daily moments.

While this is a technological interpretation of an unexpected thrill, herein brands can be inspired to give consumers unexpected offerings that bring a ‘thrilling’ feeling.

Unexpected Thrill
Photo taken by Julien Laurent

It goes beyond lifestyle and can be better described as over the top.

What can you do as a brand or offer consumers that is over the top – giving them an unexpected thrill?

An unexpected thrill is an insight that directly relates to experiences and considering consumers today are more willing to spend money on experiences, as brands you should be looking to create experiences that go beyond what is being done currently as consumers are finding few thrills. Your brand must seek to create that which makes consumers feels as though they are transforming what is mundane about their lives into something they don’t expect but are thrilled by.

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