Women leave because of a lack of community

We are living in a time of community creation and fostering togetherness.

women leave because of a lack of community

Women are typically the leaders of this movement. By nature, being more nurturing. Community is not just a desire, it’s a need that is directly linked to loyalty. If there’s no sense of community then they are most likely to leave.

In society there are enduring issues like bullying, racism as well as intolerance of new and different people. Resulting in isolation. People are looking for opportunities to belong and socialise with others more harmoniously.

Women bring people together and are also more social. Bringing culture and enjoyment to the spaces they find themselves in. In general, they are the ones celebrated for this vital role. In a community, one would expect a level of sameness, a linear approach and traditional values.

Contrary to this communities are becoming places of freedom, divergent approaches that promote inclusivity while being untraditional. These are the characteristics of the new age community.

In terms of female behaviour they are typically the ones to shop with friends. We know there’s power in numbers. Big groups just look cooler. When people do things together it shows community. Community as much as it is well-desired by women, men enjoy it’s benefits too. Places must be created where community is celebrated regardless of the level of sameness or commonly held values.

This is necessary in the workplace as well as in a community of consumers because as much as companies would like to group people into a level of sameness the opposite can be true amongst people. Especially today with as many influences and experiences people have. Making each person so unique.

Brands create communities and try to connect with each individual. However, as brands it’s becoming more important to create spaces where you try less to connect with people and rather bring people together in a community where they can easily connect in spite of the many differences that exist between them. Afropunk has done this well, transcending the differences between people to create a strong community.

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