Education: Success through supporting African youth

The beginning of 2018 means new milestones for many of the youth in Africa, as they move on to new eras or levels of education in in their lives. Unfortunately for many of the youth in Africa, education still remains a luxury and not a basic need for the youth of Africa.

Many of the youth in Africa are young optimistic, and talented individuals in need of a springboard to help jump start their life’s success.
This is where empowerment programs from Corporates and brands can help with a handing hand and become the anchor behind the lives of many individuals because many African community members want to create a change, however they need a formalized controlled system to help them manage.

Consumer loyalty education programs
Developing retail loyalty programs for young African to help them in different aspects of making their education life better. This also gives even the consumer to be be able to become a part of this movement. One consumer may not make much of a difference with one unit of their local currency, however as a collective, driven by brands can make a significant difference in uniting people with a common goal.
Not only does this make the company meet its CSI priorities it also highlights the company as a member of the community, that cares as much as its members.
When consumers see a direct benefit to their community, the more support they give. When a young child’s future is significantly influenced positively by a company the deeper the company becomes entrenched in their lives.


Technology as an enabler
Mobile is one of the most effective and affordable way to reach even the most remote young people in the continent. However, many professionals in companies know the power of reach through this medium but have not taken ownership to develop simple platforms that can be channels of education materials for our African youth. A simple as a USSD application to rich content development, the key is developing a concept that is able to live across any platform delivering the same important information to the learners.


The youth of Africa have reached a new level of confidence – African Optimism. Everyday the youth of African are being more and more motivated to become the solution to Africa’s challenges and have found in themselves to have the confidence to express their unique talents for problem solving. However much is still needed from companies to enable this African Optimism so that it does not die from lack basic resources but rather fuels the youth even more to keep on striving for a better life through education and empowerment.

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