Pin-pointing places

People have a burning desire to travel and see new places. People are attaching strong feelings as they are discovering and pin-pointing places, particularly on social media.

Beyond social media, it’s time where people want to explore their city, country and the world. It’s all happening for them one place at a time, as they tick each location off their list. Brands like Coca-Cola are getting in on this by placing locations on their cans and bottles.

pin-pointing places
Photograph by Deanna Ritchie


Even in social media posts people get a thrill out of sharing the places they have been or plan on going to. Digitally they are journaling their travels and wanderlust. The more places they see the better. Holidays are no longer about choosing one dreamy destination but rather seeing as many places in one holiday as possible.


pin-pointing places

In the physical world brands should be bringing this insight to life for their consumers through various relevant executions. Bringing them a little closer to those places they so longingly wish to go to.

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