Breaking fashion barriers

Fashion for the most part is strongly influenced by music. It’s also made leaps in depicting modern culture and more specifically pop culture.

Globalization and pop culture have made fashion the same in different places. While it’s necessary to break barriers, it is just as important to retain unique lifestyle as opposed to adopting a linear lifestyle.

People are seeking to express their unique lifestyle. Fashion plays an important role in expressing one’s lifestyle. The spaces where people shop is pretty much the same and has very few overt links to a person’s lifestyle.

If fashion is an expression of unique lifestyle, then clothing stores should also be an expression of this.

breaking fashion barriers

Brands need to flip the switch on the way they approach stores. Now is the time for looking to create spaces that celebrate lifestyle. This means looking beyond fashion. Fashion is the barrier that needs to be crossed. They need to look into other industries and markets that relate to their consumer’s lifestyle. Spring-boarding unique store concepts that capture another industry. This other industry of course needs to complement the fashion one. It also needs to enhance the consumer’s lifestyle as people need more than just fashion to express and feel good about their lives.

breaking fashion barriers

In a globalized world, lifestyle and forging or embracing uniqueness is a must for people. Fashion serves people in this way but intersecting it with another industry is what will set brands apart.

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