Denim expression

Denim is classic but this year we are seeing it in a more creative light. People are wearing denim now not just because it is cool or synonymous with a classic brand like LEVIS but because of the spirit of denim. It’s the go to look for several occasions whether the one wearing it is opting for a chilled day look or a ready to hit the night one. It’s known to be versatile, but this year especially it’s gone more creative. Denim has become a canvas of expression.

We have seen it covered in badges, paint and rips and the ways in which it will be interpreted continues to change with pop culture. The important factor to consider is how creative can consumers get when they buy your denims? As a brand that specialises in denim what additional services are you offering to allow your consumer to put their own creative expression on their denims?

As a result of pop culture, if you’re a brand that seeks to connect with the youth, you have to allow them to not just buy your denims but to use them as a canvas for their own personal expression.

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