Strength in the small

With the high level of competition various industries are facing challenges from the smaller competitors who may have less resources, capital and personnel but are paying attention to smaller details that matter to the consumer.

While these smaller players may not be eating greatly into the bigger players market share, they do capture the hearts and minds of consumers way more effectively than big corporations do right now.

This is simply because they are more in touch with the culture, needs and desires of the consumer they are selling to. These are the brands that you will see tagged in social media (Instagram) posts and followed for the unique things they are doing.

Whatever they do, from the smallest detail, connects with the consumer on a more emotional level.

The emotional connection in offerings can often be neglected for the sake of just selling a product using a standardized approach. It’s the feelings of the consumer that need to be taken into account and executed in tangible brand expressions that turn small players into strong businesses that consumers feel they want to support.

Within our consumer environment tangible expressions of ‘care’ is the fuel that will grow small businesses into stronger players and will be the inspiration for big companies to think a little smaller.

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