Insight Beauty trend_TrenderIs how women make themselves beautiful influenced by what people say (external opinions) or is it something that comes from within (Inner beauty)?

beauty influence trender
Majority (67%) believe their look is something derived from within.

They believe in themselves and take pride in who they are. They believe one must convince themselves first before anyone else does.

This is followed by the (24%) where their look was circumstantial. People follow the latest fashion and beauty trends, therefore for them external opinions will have influence on a persons look to some degree.

To these individuals, peoples opinions of them do have an influence but do not determine the persons look.

Woman draw inspiration from one another and will look to see what other people say or do, however, they still want to maintain their individualism regardless.

Other times it is determined by an occasion as one woman mentioned “If its date night then its determined by wanting to look good for my man but any other day, its all about making myself feel good”

The rest of the (9%) set external opinions as a benchmark on how they need to look.

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