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Respondents highlighted that society does not recognise the successful Black man by his individual merits, hard work and passion; but believes that their success was enabled by another or a result of criminal activity.

A typical modern successful man is still not given the credit that they deserve but instead have been turned into a gimmick. For example, the portraying of the current successful man as a BEE stereotype with poor English fluency and a big belly, driving a big SUV car; with a family on the one hand and a young university student girlfriend on the other.

Successful Black men have also been associated with terms that some of respondents feel are misleading; terms such as “Black Diamonds”, which have negative connotations to them.

“The black diamond, the black diamond has to shine for others to see. Big car, big house, big ego. I do not agree with the stereotype.”

TrendER Insights has released its latest Trend Report Titled “A Black Man’s New definition of Success”

The objective of this research report is to uncover what it means to be a successful black man in Africa today. We look into the changes in perceptions and how the modern Black African man has redefined success for himself.

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