Unlimited girl

Young women are finding greater liberation. They are building confidence to explore territory that has been dominated by males for decades. This exploration has less to do with sexual orientation or even a ‘tom-boy’ personality. Girls want to try new things and not be held back because they are female.

Many sports, for example skateboarding and indoor soccer, have been dominated by males but more girls are getting into it. Exploration of more active subcultures is slowly paving its way into society. These young women don’t necessarily wish to be ‘one of the boys’ but rather want to be their equal. They can explore these male-dominated territories and even hang with the boys without being seen as one of them.

From a fashion perspective a young woman can explore more with fashion. Just because she is a girl doesn’t mean she needs to look and dress in a confined way that speaks to the male dominated subcultures she is exploring. Nor does this mean she needs to wear a dress to be or look like a female.

Unlimited girl

As the unlimited girl unravels in society, brands must closely watch how they depict young women in advertising and the clothing they make for them. The narrative is changing and being a girl is becoming less about ticking restrictive boxes. Being a girl can mean anything. Being a girl is about freedom to explore and to choose what you want to wear regardless of background or the territory you engage in.

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