More social media options: Tik Tok

From Myspace, to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and now Tik Tok

The age of social media is evolving at a rapid pace more than every giving the youth and more options and connections with other people. You can never say one social media platform is better than the other which is a common mistake that Brands and marketers fall into, where in fact each platform has its unique role.

Engagement and content is different and we need to understand why and when the youth use a certain platform to share, comment or connect with people.

The age of social media TV is here, a platform embraced allowing even the common person to share a video without depending on large broadcasters.

Particularly this insight speaks about the new social media the youth are embracing which brands need to start being aware of Tik Tok, is getting the hearts and interest of youth to follow their passion and interests. Still fairly new to some the imperative point here is to now find out what piece of the puzzle can this new social medium fill in order to build an even wholesome brand story across all social media channels.

The youth are definitely loving and latching on to it, as it represents a new interest to the 2019 youth.


Image: Tik Tok App

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