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Reference leads to relevance: Aspiration has limits

The mass market has been what most brands are targeting of recent. With the emerging middle class it is not suprising and a good strategy for any brand that needs growth in South Africa at the moment.
Aspirations however have levels – and those levels are what consumers connect or disconnect to.
Relevance defined as “the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate” thus no matter how much you want brand, product or service to be aspired to it cannot be far strantched. First reason is that it will be too far of a goal that people el they cannot attain. Secondly the consumer already in thier minds eliminates themselves from your brand as it does not suit thier lifestyle.

Everyone aspires to be better, better living health and life. However we need to be realistic in how far we can stretch consumer aspitations. This is purely based o undrstanding your target market and thier lefistyles and then fitting your brand within this.

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