More value in beauty

Skin is one of the more important parts of the body in both a woman and man’s life. In an age of endless events and documenting these events for everyone to see, beauty is valuable. While there is a movement towards being confident and comfortable in your own skin (supporting a no-makeup look or more natural aesthetic) the fundamental desire to have appealing skin has not changed.

Looking good is perceived to provide one with better opportunities and being well-liked. While the younger generation often earn less they are the ones with a greater disposable income to spend on looking ‘good’. These individuals are constantly keeping abreast of the latest makeup trends and following influencers who share the beauty products they are using. They follow beauty bloggers and vloggers for tips and inspiration to achieve their desired level of looking ‘good’.

On the other-hand the people who have less disposable income will place far greater value on eating healthier foods, drinking water and using multi-purpose beauty products that are often household items such as Vaseline and coconut oil. A consumer advised another consumer on a product that both moisturizes the skin but also can be used as an eye cream.

The skin needs to be moisturized and youthful which in the past has required consumers to purchase various products for different purposes. The marketing of night creams, day creams and eye creams are slowly becoming unimportant for the ‘woke’ beauty consumer who realizes that the best beauty products are often household items such as oils, fruits, vegetables and teas.

While consumers are either big spenders on beauty products or really cheap – the important thing to consider is amalgamating the two. Beauty should not feel expensive or impossible to achieve. When selling to the consumer you should as a brand be continuously creating the perception that the consumer is achieving optimum beauty results. Achieving this goes beyond the branded product level and needs a more holistic approach.

This can be achieved by giving consumer’s health advice while selling them products that cater to their skin needs and also encouraging their self-confidence. Selling an expensive product while neglecting the other two will slowly diminish the confidence the consumer has in your brand because you are not connecting with them holistically when it comes to beauty.

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