Fashionable packaging

We are living in very fashion-conscious times thanks to traditional media and now the likes of social media. Fashion has influenced many industries from food, to interiors and beyond. We are now at the introduction of fashionable packaging.

fashionable packaging

When people post pictures on social media their fashion choices are often at the forefront. Holding a drink in pictures has also complemented people well. They want to post pictures with good-looking drinks. Now, though fashion has played its part in packaging, it is taking over in a more overt way.

fashionable packaging

This is leading to both bottles and cans being transformed into fashionable containers that stand out in a picture as opposed to something people need to quench their thirst or look cool.

BOS Ice Tea has beautified their cans by crowdsourcing new design ideas for their packaging through a crafty competition. This is one such way of bringing this insight to life.

For brands that sell beverages as a thirst-quencher primarily it is important to consider deepening love for the brand through fashionable packaging. Consumers will choose your drink simply because it looks more appealing in a photograph. Fashionable packaging has legs on which to stretch creative ideas. Therefore, as brands understand the style and personality of your consumers more to create packaging that they will love to be photographed with.

fashionable packaging

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