Understanding the dynamics of our emerging market

Trender Emerging Market

South African is an emerging market and therefore means that we need to understand that it is a constantly evolving market.

New opportunities create new experiences, these new experiences create new lifestyle habits and therefore you are dealing with an ever changing consumer mindset as the country progresses. We need to constantly seek out new consumer insights as with new developments, the South African consumer is also constantly evolving in order to adapt to these changes.

Here are some key areas that brands need to constantly keep mind with regards to our ever-changing consumer lifestyle and habit within this evolving market that we live in:

Global citizenship:

The continuous entry of international retail chains as well as fast food restaurants means that the consumer is more and more becoming aware of the global standard of quality products and services. This means that consumers no longer will be looking for the best in South Africa, but the best in the world. Your brand regardless it is a South African or an international brand, has to deliver world standard service and products because South African’s now have knowledge of what is out there in the world and most importantly they know that they also have access to it.

Trender Emerging Market 2The modern African

The balance between modern societal norms versus heritage is an everyday challenge for the modern South African. They are constantly seeking new ways to make sense of the rapid transition whilst trying not to forget where they come from.

This becomes critical for brands to show a deep understanding of South African heritage and beliefs, but also be able to guide them through this new phase they are entering. If you show them that you understand them, then they will trust you to hold their hand into this new era they are constantly being exposed to on a daily basis.

The modern commuter

From public transportation to private taxis, the evolution is happening on both fronts.

Public transportation: With the introduction of the bus rapid system and ever increasing new infrastructure. Commuters no longer have to depend on Minibus taxis alone but have the flexibility to move around the different transportation methods. What this means is that the traditional minibus taxi commuter is now moving between taxis and buses opening new platforms for messaging and connection points.

Private taxis: The likes of Uber have also showed that people have more and more flexibility between, price, type of car they want to be picked up in as well as track the location of their taxi.

The South African landscape has become an ever-changing environment where we need to constantly keep up to date with our consumers and finding new insights as they develop as before we know it, our next campaign or big idea could already outdated.

by: Mogorosi Mashilo

Content Editor: Thando Kaye

About the author

Founder and Trend Analyst at TrendER Insights. Mogorosi's passion lies in unearthing consumer insights that will help brands build more meaningful relationships with their consumers. Email: mogorosi@trender.co.za