We, as communication strategists, often get drowned by our own jargon, statistics, consumer mapping and landscapes that we forget that the very essence of being an effective communication strategist is to bring in a consumer’s perspective to the advertising agency. Our purpose is to find effective ways in which to create the right positioning platform and product messaging so that the consumer can be inspired and motivated to try out our product and services. In essence, this means becoming an advocate for the brand and putting your consumer hat on in order to show both your advertising agency and target audience what it is about that product that makes it so unique in the market.Trender Image 1011How we become the best advocates for our brands:
It is through effective competitive reviews, and finding key brand and product differentiators that are compelling enough for you as a strategist to be confident and give you the ability to stand up for your brand. This includes market research, category insights as well as consumer insights to provide us with the tools and knowledge that help us to write compelling brand positions and messages. This means that the strategic planner must themselves believe in the brand as you cannot advocate something you do not believe in.

The very essence of writing such compelling messaging to educate, motivate or convince someone to try your product or service, means that you are an advocate for the brand. It is easy to get lost in the process of “me (brand communication strategy) versus “them” (the consumer), forgetting that the very core of communication strategy is putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes and thus becoming the consumer yourself.

Consumer Advocate TrenderWhen we, as communication strategists, start becoming the consumer with which we are trying to communicate, the better advocates we will become. This will result in more authenticity in our brand stories because they will be stemming from another consumer’s point of view, as opposed to just a brand’s.

by: Mogorosi Mashilo

Content Editor: Thando Kaye

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Founder and Trend Analyst at TrendER Insights. Mogorosi's passion lies in unearthing consumer insights that will help brands build more meaningful relationships with their consumers. Email: mogorosi@trender.co.za