THRIFTING (re wear it )

Before thrifting became a trend many people were not attracted to buying used clothes, however in the recent years thrift shopping has become a big part of the lives of those on a budget life who love fashion. Many have found appeal in the unique and budget friendly options found while thrifting ,as well as the concept of reusing and recycling. Back in the days thrifting store were viewed as a place where poor people shop. But today more middle class people also go thrifting.

Buying second hand clothes is not only a great way to discover some buried treasure and make it uniquely your own. For those who want to  lead eco-friendly lifestyle, buying second hand is the most straight forward means of applying the virtues of reuse and recycling to fashion. The do it yourself or DIY movement encourages resourcefulness instead of purchasing new clothes. Thrift stores offer the element of unique, trendy and quality clothing at a lower cost than retail stores.

About the author

Ayanda Makhoba is a young PR graduate passionate about connecting insights, brands and consumers through her talented writing skills.