The Uncomfortable Fit

You know what makes millenials feel super uncomfortable? Overcrowded stores and malls. How store assistants act like they can’t afford to shop for clothes or treat them like thieves by keeping too close an eye on them. I know I’m not the only one who’s ever felt that way as a teenager because I got to spend time with today’s teenagers and they are having the same experience.

Has no one told these store assistants about customer lifetime value? Their contempt towards these younger customers must trickle down from the lack of value they feel from their employers. I mean, these young people who in 5-10 years time will be regular spenders and whose loyalty you would want to capture in the early stages. Part of capturing them would be to make sure they feel happy even just looking at clothes in your store.

The lack of store experience is having a negative impact on the youth’s attitude towards certain shops. So much so that some people avoid going to these stores and malls altogether and rather ask their mothers to shop for them or shop online.

There are all sorts of guidelines on how to communicate and treat customers yet the problem still exists.

This then highlights the gap for local designers and smaller businesses to create experiences with care and encourage open and positive communication between those at the point of sale.

We know the youth love shopping, but with so many options to choose from today it is important to be the right fit beyond the clothing size. The simple answer, make them feel comfortable because they are also important. Which is an insight found through researching young girls experience in shopping at stores in malls. Making them feel comfortable has less to do with perfect fitting rooms and chairs and more to do with the social aspect experienced in the store.

Article by Gabrielle Mixon
TrendER Insights’ Fashion Researcher, Communicator & Trend Analyst

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