The person in the clothes

Following trends is becoming less and less inspiring as people are looking for freshness and a greater sense of well-being. People connect with other people. The same trends are seen in so many places. Thus making brand loyalty and connection even more difficult. If people connect with people more than anything then brands should be placing greater care. Considering there the people they ask to wear their clothes when entering new markets. These people should offer fresh perspectives and stand for overall well-being that connects and inspires other people. It is also an opportunity for more impactful story-telling.

For example, fashion is synonymous with the use of tall striking models, who still manage to disappear under the clothes a brand is showcasing. Today it can be different. For fashion brands, there is greater applause for ones that go against that stereotypical mould. In what way are brands breaking barriers through the use of people? This speaks to consumers and tells them more about a brand as well as differentiates them.

The person in the clothes

Which people will brands associate with to connect with consumers? These people shouldn’t just be strikingly ‘beautiful’ influencers or celebrities. It should be all people (different people) who bring freshness and make a difference in what the consumer finds meaningful. There should be an essence of well-being that permeates fashion. This may vary from brand to brand. As trends can be fragmented it remains important to look beyond the clothes as important as they are. The well-being of the person who wears them is of greater importance.

Brands should bring freshness to their clothes through the people who wear them and promote well-being in their clothing. Rather than selling an item solely on its physicality and it being ‘trendy’. When selling clothes, emotions and well-being is what should be communicated with greater care. This is best achieved through focussing on the person in the clothes.

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