Summer Body for who?

South Africa – On the brink summer and at the beginning of the flowery season where hay fever is the order of the day summer bodies will come out and play. In yester years showing any kind of flesh would be deemed a violation of societal code of conduct, however with the globalization spreading her wings over Africa, South Africa has jumped on the international bandwagon. Show a tad bit of flesh and serve the masses what you have worked/ invested in these past months.

At this time of the year fashion is disrupted in the sense that “short-shorts and you name it skimpy tops” parade the street. The Roman robes are accompanied by that bikini and the straw hat kumnandi babes- it is lovely babes- all over the show. Recognition and affirmation from the those whom we hold dear to our hearts are drives to achieve to what society sees as the prime ‘summer body’. The Gram (Instagram) champions the idea of ‘perfection’ and this where product placement should reign supreme in what brands call influencers of the brand, not force fitted but a seamless transition of the two entities.

A great injection is pumped into purchasing organic goods because siyaDeiter and we must cut down on the calories if the summer body is to pop in any shape or form. This not only speaks to how blending machines and gym equipment is packaged and communicated but this translates to how organic fruits and vegetables are to be communicated.

About the author

Khanya Mali is a marketing and brand communications enthusiast with a penchant for building brands on both client and advertising agencies and a “creative” in his own right. “Insights are the bark to every wondering creative work”